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Quick Links Tab Widget

The Quick Links Tab widget displays icons and links in a prominent and user-friendly way designed to get your users to the information they need most as quickly as possible.

Check out our guide "Adding Widgets to Your Page" to learn how to add this widget to any row, panel or section on your website.

Quick Links Tab Widget

The Quick Links Tab Widget should be placed beneath the Marquee in the same row on the homepage.

Note: This widget can display 2 to 6 quick links. The icons need to be white and approximately 100 x 100px or less. Stock icons can be pulled from Adobe Stock, Shutterstock or free sources like The Noun Project. We recommend all icons have the same stroke and fill weight to feel consistent.


Name Type Description
Tabs Repeater Add tabs. Each item represents a tab.
Add Icon Upload Upload .png or .svg file of the white icons for each quick link.
Title & URL Input Field Title each Quick Link and add a URL or select content.
Offest Select Select the Quick Links to either Offset Bottom, Offset Top, or No Offset.