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Gallery Widget

Display a group of images within a responsive gallery.

Turn your web page into an art museum with our gallery widget, where you can neatly display your photos with any caption you want.

Check out our guide "Adding Widgets to Your Page" to learn how to add this widget to any row, panel or section on your website.

Carousel Gallery

The Carousel widget consists of Images and Captions (if enabled) with previous and next navigation. Clicking on a thumbnail will move the carousel to the corresponding slide.

Note: For best results we recommend that the images have the same dimensions.

Classic Grid Gallery

The Classic Grid Gallery lays out the thumbnails in a grid below the image, similar to the Carousel Gallery, but without the carousel functionality. Clicking on a thumbnail will enlarge the photo in the main viewing area.

Note: This example shows images with captions.


Name Type Description
Choose a Layout Select Choose different layout options. Carousel Layout (Default) or Classic Grid Layout.
Add captions below images? Checkbox This adds captions below each image. Captions are added in the Attachment Details section after clicking the Add Media button.
Upload Images Media Add photos from your media library or upload files.