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Explore a world of innovative features, widgets and flexible content options designed to enrich your websites!
Dive into step-by-step instructions and expert advice to maximize the potential of our latest digital tools.
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The U's web template is available for websites across campus, and it's now available to download and install on your WordPress site. Download the theme, activate it using our quick setup guide, install the recommended plugins and you're on your way to a fresh coat of paint.

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UMC Digital works with many organizations across campus to get the word out about the University of Utah and the many opportunities happening on campus. We can help you create a campaign that hits the target and achieves your objectives.

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We're better together. Our team of industry experts are here to help with onboarding and training in building or maintaining your site within WordPress, using our components or even creating custom components for your needs. Contact us for any questions.

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Integrate your website seamlessly with our approved third-party applications including: MyEmma email marketing, Trumba calendaring, ISSUU, and Juicer social feeds.

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UMC Digital's dynamic cloud hosted environment is powered by AWS. We have custom built a secure, strong, dynamic environment that powers the highest trafficked sites as well as the smallest and leanest. Whatever your needs are, our hosting environment will scale accordingly.
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UMC Digital is committed to providing ADA-compliant themes and templates to ensure your digital presence meets the highest accessibility standards. We also offer training and website audits to help you meet WCAG standards, so you can focus on what matters most – reaching your audience.

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Our Services

Born out of the need for emergency communication, sites built and hosted by UMC Digital are deployed on our managed AWS cloud environment.
UX & UI go hand in hand and are integral steps in our development process. Though them we aim to understand users and their needs and make their experience online enjoyable.
Digital Marketing
The way to reach your audience is to engage them online. Through digital marketing you can put your unit’s content in front of the right people at the right time.
Email & Calendars
UMC Digital provides campus with email marketing and event calendaring tools that individual units can leverage. Share your events and news with campus and beyond.
We aim to have all web templates and features be as accessible as possible. We are constantly modifying and improving our offerings to make the experience enjoyable for all.
Site Maintenance
We know that keeping your site current day-to-day can be overwhelming for some units on campus. You’re focused on research, student success and many other things. We can help.
Web Forms
From simple contact forms to more complex conditional, multi-page forms, we can customize and modernize your form workflow.
Landing Pages
We know that keeping your site current day-to-day can be overwhelming for some units on campus. You’re focused on research, student success and many other things. We can help.
The crowning jewel in the digital arsenal: the website. This is your home online. This is where your audience will be going on a daily basis. Let’s do it right!
Social Media
Elevate your online presence with our expertly crafted social media management. We curate engaging content to foster meaningful interactions to boost visibility and engagement.
Our meticulous and strategic approach to digital content ensures an optimal user experience tailored to your website's audience. Our team is dedicated to enhancing your content and empowering your website to achieve its full potential.

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UMC Digital is ready to help with all your digital communication and marketing needs.

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