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Adding Widgets to Your Page

How to add a widget

Adding University of Utah widgets to your page is made simple by using our page builder.

1. Make sure the Page Builder is enabled within your Page or Post by clicking the "Page Builder" Tab at the top, right of the content area:

2. Once the Page Builder is enabled, click on the "Add Widget" button on the top, left area of the Page Builder.

3. Choose a widget from the University of Utah Widgets tab or search for "University of Utah" in the search field and select the widget you would like to add.

4. Once your widget is placed, you can click on the widget block to edit or add content and manipulate the settings.

Note: Each widget will have unique settings and fields. Please refer to individual widget guides to get familiar with their specific details.

Pro Tips:

  • You can drag and drop widgets from various rows, panel or sections.
  • You can access a variety of "hidden" actions by right-clicking a widget. Copy, Paste or even Duplicate widgets!
  • If you copy a widget from one page, you can paste it in another.