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We have a variety of button design options that will work for your site.

Direct your audience where they need to go all with a simple click of a button. You can customize the button text and link to any desired page.

Button Sizes

Default Buttons are Utah Red and can be used in 3 different sizes: small, default, and large.

Button Colors

In addition to the default U Red button, you can also choose between 3 alternate colors to fit your UI needs: Black, White and Gray.

Outline Buttons

The outline button serves primarily as a secondary option, reducing the visual impact of buttons. It offers a variety of color options to improve the user experience.

Full-Width Buttons

Generally used sparingly and only in tight spaces. Full-width buttons will stretch the entire width of the parent container and can be used in any size and color.

Note: It is good practice to only use full-width buttons within a confined width and should not exceed the supporting text.