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Thank U for Participating In Our Usability Study!

During this usability study, I agree to participate in an online session using my computer. During the session, I will be interviewed about the site and asked to find information and or complete tasks using the site.

  • I agree to participate in the web usability study conducted and recorded by UMC Digital.
  • I understand that the information and recordings are for research purposes only and that my information will not be used for any other purpose and will only be viewed by those working on the website.
  • I relinquish any rights to the recording and understand that the recording may be copied and used by UMC Digital without further permission.

Please fill out the form below to indicate that you have read and understood the above information.


User Testing Waiver Form
Permission to Use Screen and Video Recordings With Audio:
We NEED YOUR HELP to improve the web at the U. Would you be interested in joining our participation pool for any future usability studies?


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