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The way to reach your audience is to engage them online. That's where digital advertising comes in. Whether you're looking to fill seats in your program, or get the word out about an important event or fundraiser, you may want to consider spreading the word through digital marketing.

UMC Digital works with many organizations across campus to get the word out about the University of Utah and the many opportunities happening on campus daily. One of the main benefits of digital marketing is the ability to serve up your content to audiences that are searching, exploring, studying and expressing interest in your areas. We can help you create a campaign that hits the target and achieves your objectives.

Digital Marketing Case Study: Admissions

University of Utah Admissions and UMC have partnered on digital marketing over the last few years on prospective student, transfer student, campus visit campaigns and more. Through this partnership millions of impressions have been delivered to prospective students and their parents across Utah and throughout the United States.

We've worked together to identify key target audiences and have been successful in increasing applications every year. The longer these campaigns run, the more data is gathered and the smarter and more targeted our messages can become. We are now able to target and retarget highly interested prospective students with specific degree and/or scholarship information that may be relevant to them.

Let's get started

So how do you get started in digital marketing? You may think you don't have the budget or you may not know how to reach the right audience. Don't worry about that. UMC Digital can sit down with you and help you assess your needs and figure out the best approach that fits your marketing budget. Every project is going to be different and every outcome unique.

Reach out and schedule a meeting. Let's see what we can do together.

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