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Email & Calendars

UMC Digital provides campus with email marketing and event calendaring tools that individual units can leverage. Share your events and news with campus and beyond.

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We aim to have all web templates and features be as accessible as possible. We are constantly modifying and improving our offerings to make the experience enjoyable for all.

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Site Maintanence

We know that keeping your site current day-to-day can be overwhelming for some units on campus. You’re focused on research, student success and many other things. We can help.

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Born out of the need for emergency communication, sites built and hosted by UMC Digital are deployed on our managed AWS cloud environment.

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UX & UI go hand in hand and are integral steps in our development process. Though them we aim to understand users and their needs and make their experience online enjoyable.

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Digital Marketing

The way to reach your audience is to engage them online. Through digital marketing you can put your unit’s content in front of the right people at the right time.

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Digital Forms

From simple contact forms to more complex conditional, multi-page forms, we can customize and modernize your form workflow.

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Landing Pages

Not everything has to be a full-blown website. Do you have a special event coming up, or are you running a digital marketing campaign. Consider a simple, lean landing page.

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The crowning jewel in the digital arsenal: the website. This is your home online. This is where your audience will be going on a daily basis. Let’s do it right!

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"My own experience is use the tools that are out there. Use the digital world. But never lose sight of the need to reach out and talk to other people who don't share your view. Listen to them and see if you can find a way to compromise."

–Colin Powell

Let's Get Started
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Our Process

from concept to completion


You're exploring a new website project. The first step is to reach out to UMC Digital and setup a digital project consultation. We'll come to you and help you think through all the aspects of your project. We'll have a lot of questions about what you're hoping to accomplish and who you're talking to. Choose an image


OK! That was an awesome meeting. Now we're going to get out our fine-toothed combs and go through your existing content. We'll take a look at the analytics if they're available. This together with the information from our first meeting will lead us into UX & UI. Choose an image


We have a lot of information and an idea of what your site needs to do and for whom. Putting that all together is the formula for our UX & UI process. UX in a nutshell: the path your users will take through your site. UI in a nutshell: the aesthetics of that process. Choose an image


We will get together again and show you some design concepts and our plan to build out your site. We'll have a finalized site structure as well. We may make some final adjustments, but in the end you'll have some homework: start gathering content. Choose an image


Once we have your content we'll start building out your site. This is the longest part of the process. There's a lot going on behind the scenes, but you'll start to see it all come together. Once we've built it all out we'll send you a link and a quality assurance doc for final edits. Choose an image


That's it! You made it. The glorious day when we can release your new creation into the wild. But a website project is never done. Now you need to nurture and care for this sensitive new creation, and we're always here to help.



We would love to help, hit us up!

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