Tutorial: Utah Marquee Tool Setup and Overview

sections in this tutorial:

Install Meta Box  Meta Box Settings Page Adding Images

UMC Theme 2 ships with a flexible image marquee for displaying large header images on any web page. Follow the instructions below to get started with the marquee.


Install and activate the following required Meta Box plugins:

a. Meta Box
b. Meta Box Group
c. Meta Box Conditional Logic
d. MB Settings Page

Download all Meta Box Plugins




Choose which post types you’d like to display the marquee input fields on. These settings can be found by clicking the Marquee tab in the left menu of the admin area.



Open the page you’d like to display the marquee on. You should see the fields below the content editor. The fields at the top of the marquee image slider apply to all images in the marquee. The fields in the “Marquee Image Group” apply to individual images. You can add only one image or as many images as you like but we recommend limiting it to 3-4 images max. We also recommend that you size your images down to 2000 pixels wide and “Saving for web” in photoshop. These will both help increase page load speed. Information on optimizing web images can be found here:
Export for web using Photoshop Elements
Export for web using Photoshop CC.

Some fields worth noting:

  1. Full screen height: Sets image height to be full screen
  2. Hide Marquee Images From Previous Theme – This setting only applies if you have upgraded from UMC Theme to UMC Theme 2. In cases where you previously had a marquee image and no longer wish to have a marquee image displayed. If you’re seeing an image on the front end of the site and you don’t have any images selected in the back end, use this feature.




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