Tutorial: Google Analytics, Social Media Icons and Footer Information

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Setting Up Google Analytics  Social Icons  Address Information



It's important to gather analytics about your users and their behavior on your web site. The University of Utah WordPress theme makes it easy to add a Google Analytics tracking ID to a custom theme settings page. Once you've got a Google Analytics ID (setup a Google Analytics property) go to 'Appearance' → 'Current Theme Options' to add your ID.


google analytics


The theme footer has a location set aside for your social media links as well as CIS and UMAIL links, which you are able to display or hide within the footer.


Social Links in Footer


Go to 'Appearance' → 'Current Theme Options' and add any of your social media channel links that you'd like to display in the footer. If you don't want it to display just leave the input field blank.


Social link input fields on the theme settings page


The logo appears in two places, the footer and the top of the right fly-out menu. It's recommended that you upload a logo at least 600 pixels wide. It will automatically be sized to fit according to the user's device.


Fly out menu logo placement


Footer logo placement


You'll need to upload your logo to the Media Library and copy the URL. Once you have done that go to 'Appearance' → 'Current Theme Options' to add your own custom logo and address information.


Logo and address input fields in the theme settings page


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